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Advantages Of Having A Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer By Your Side

Personal injury is the injury caused to a person physically or mentally. It does not involve any damage to the property like your watch or cycle. In personal injury lawsuit, a harmed person can file a lawsuit against the responsible person or company. Suppose you were working on a construction site, due to company’s faulty machinery and planning some accident occurred.

The company knew that it can be dangerous, but still they did not modify it. In such cases, the injured person can raise a claim against the company to penalize them. The personal injury attorney Tampa can help you in raising the claim against the company or person. Standing alone in such condition can be a little painful for you. Take help from a lawyer, they are there to protect your rights. If you are confused about hiring a personal injury lawyer, consult some knowledgeable person to suggest if you should do it or not.

If you have suffered from a bodily injury due to some other person’s fault, you can surely hire a lawyer. If the reputation of a person is harmed, it will ultimately lead to a physical damage or economical damage. There are chances for some physical damage to be caused while assembling or designing a product. Sometimes the injuries are intentional.

All of the above mentioned cases can be taken to the court. A compensation claim should be raised, and the accused must be punished. In case of personal injuries, insurance companies of both the parties are involved. Since both the companies want to make their own profit, it becomes difficult to deal with the case. A personal injury lawyer acquainted with insurance companies can deal with the case more appropriately. Hire an experienced and skilled attorney to solve the case. It will be a great help as you will not be in the condition to deal with everything on your own.

Jean Paul Gut

Jean Paul Gut began his thriving career back in the year 1983 where he served as the Vice President for Matra Défense , a company which is under the Matra Group. He served in this position for 5 years and in 1988 he became the export marketing and sales executive director at the same company.

Jean-Paul Gut continued to rise the ranks at Matra Defense where he performed well in the fields of export, marketing and international development.

He later became the managing director of the Board of Management of the Lagardère Group in 1998 whereby he was in charge of international operations and technology.

Upon merging of Matra Défense and Aerospatiale companies, Jean-Paul Gut took the mantle as the head of Aerospatiale Matra Lagardère International.

Gut served as a member of the board and executive committee in EADS when it was created in 2000. He rose to the rank of executive director in 2005.

Jean-Paul Gut spent over 25 years in European aerospace groups where he served in several managerial positions. Gut went ahead and founded the Armat Group a company which dealt with private equity, real estate and asset finance in 2008. The group took the initiative of investing in different sectors such as telecommunications, sports, media, defense, education and luxury.

However in June 2008 Jean-Paul Gut was accused of insider trading when he was serving in the capacity of executive director of marketing and strategy at EADS. He denied the accusations which were later rejected by French financial authorities.

Jean-Paul Gut left an inerasable mark at Matra Defense which he joined when he was 22 years old. It’s interesting to note that he rose to create his aviation consulting company. Genially speaking, he has created a notable impact in the fields of defense, aviation, international development and technology.